Episode 31

Published on:

23rd Oct 2022

In This Moment | Step 5 - Confirmation of Honesty

When the human being becomes a battleground for the instincts, there can be no peace.   Coincidentally, it’s with another human being that we must confess these instinctual defects to in order to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit – in other words SOBER.  Come collide with Toby C. and acknowledge that this spiritual practice is not only very ancient but can today give us practical insight of our illness having finally discussed it with an understanding and trustworthy person. It’s a final confirmation that we’ve been honest with God and with ourselves. 

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About the Podcast

In This Moment
Compassionate Caring Information & Inspiration for People Working on Recovery from Addiction
In a world of over stimulation and insatiable entertainment, In This Moment offers a calming perspective on common modern-day realities and how to overcome FEAR—the chief activator of our inescapable emotional frailties. The program offers the emotionally wounded an opportunity to escape the calamities of life…if just for an hour…to momentarily pause the agitation…to be still…to breathe…to find some clarity and calm…to objectively look at what is happening to ourselves and those about us…and, to heal and to help others recover from emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. Host Toby C. aims to open the sufferer’s hearts and minds - allowing the reception of a mysterious, powerful, enduring, time-tested and proven alternative to destructive behavior.
In This Moment is a paradigm shift in perception showing that you, or your loved one who is suffering, is FINALLY GOING TO GET BETTER and stay that way! How, you ask? By Trusting God, Cleaning House and Helping Others. In This Moment is a collection of powerful discussions and concealed within these hours of spoken word are a group of principles, spiritual in their nature, which, if practiced as a way of life, can expel the obsession… and enable the sufferer to become happily and usefully whole. This program tackles countless topics involving the conquest over our powerful, addictive, and compulsive behaviors. With no call-ins and no guest appearances, this no-nonsense show instructs the sufferer on sustainable recovery through the power of autosuggestion and hypnosis. Timeless and universal gems of useful wisdom are deciphered from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and The 12 Steps & 12 Traditions. Come join us In This Moment with your host of the ghost, Toby C.
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Toby C.

In This Moment w/ Toby C. is a concept show.
The concept is for the suffering listener to imagine themselves getting better....
How?... By imagining themselves paying attention to another suffering soul - and firing up the other person's imagination - that they too, will get better. That "this too shall pass." This is a concept show that enables the listener / sufferer to get better through the imagination. The imagination is a first cousin of something called faith. This faith / imagination is a portal through which the sufferer, through the power of the open mind, can begin a journey to move away from destructive self-consciousness and closer toward the healing power of God-consciousness. The final concept of this show is that the listener / sufferer will change their "message" - from the insanity of the head to the serenity of the heart.. How? .... Through sponsorship.... listen... every show has a subliminal message from God... Keep an open mind and let Him in! God Bless and happy healing!!